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X-rays - Why we use them....

Dental x-rays have always been a very important part of a dental examination as they enable your dentist to examine areas that are not visible to the naked eye.  They are not needed at EVERY examination, but are generally advised at an initial consultation so we can assess everything more fully.  Regular "check-up" x-rays are advised approximately every two years.

Modern DIGITAL dental x-rays use far less radiation than older analogue radiographs as the sensors that we use are far more sensitive than the older style films and are therefore even safer than ever before!

You can be assured that your dentist will only recommend x-rays for you that are beneficial to diagnosing your dental needs and always consider all alternatives first........

There are also x-rays for which we will refer you to a local radiologist.  These are generally called "OPG Radiographs" or sometimes known as "Full Mouth X-Rays".  These are particularly useful to us (and you) as they show us ALL of your teeth and their supporting structures in one image.  These are also now taken digitally - which means less radiation and FASTER diagnostics.  We even receive these OPG's by email from the radiologist within minutes of them being taken.  

Once the OPG's have been assessed, we sometimes see an area that will require a closer inspection, and we can then take a more detailed intra-oral image.  

On the whole, x-rays are very important for diagnosing and treating many dental conditions including oral surgery, tooth decay, root canal treatment and even gum conditions.

If you want to know more about x-rays, be sure to ask your dentist when you come in for your next visit.